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Custom Helmets with Imprinted Logos

Promote Safety & Your Brand At The Same Time

Helmets R Us has found a huge level of success with our custom logo printed bike helmets. Logo’d helmets are a terrific incentive to use for sponsorship of your rodeo. It’s a great bartering tool in getting Joe Shmoow your local car dealer to get involved. Where does Mom go to buy her next mini-van ------ from the dealership that helped? Be creative – be persistent. We always tell people to look for the business that needs to be the Heart in your community. From insurance companies to your local funeral home… Anyone that is out there making money off your community is a terrific source for funding. We’ve even been known to reach into the “guilt” bag of tricks. Whatever it takes to get helmets on kiddo’s heads and to teach everyone how to enjoy riding safely.

If you save just one child’s life – it’s worth every bit of it!


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Remember bicycle rodeos are a great way to create goodwill and exposure for businesses and services in your community.

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